Sunday, August 5, 2012

Long Weekend. What to do?

Have you ever had one of those days where you want to get out and do something but don’t know what to do or don’t have any money in the bank? Date nights don’t always have to be go out for dinner and drinks and just overall spending a lot of money.  As we are into one of our last long weekends of the summer, I wanted to share some great and CHEAP date night ideas.  
1.      Rent Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boats
I just rented a two man Kayak with my Dad this weekend and it was a great time and was very budget friendly. It was only $24 for a couple hours on the water and a great upper body workout. This is great for a couple because you are out on the water all alone and it truly takes team work to paddle together to get the boat to not only move forward but in the correct direction.

2.      Take the dog for a walk
It’s only a short time together but I think a lot of people take it for granted. When you are out walking the dog, it is just the two of you, so take the time to have a conversation.

I found this once on another blog - . It lists 30 things to ask one another. Print out the questions and put them in a fish bowl. Before you go for a walk, pull one out and that will decide what your conversation will be about.

Even after 9 years of dating, Mike and I still don’t know everything about each other. So trust me, there is always a question you can ask one another and find out something new. At a party at our house a couple weeks ago, Mike and I played the newlywed game and of the questions asked to the two of us, we got only 2 correct!

The most memorable: What is the most Dawn has spent on a single pair of shoes?
Mike – “$60”
Dawn – “$200”
He was shocked.. I just don’t think he understands the price I would pay for a great pair of shoes.

3.      Make it a movie night
I don’t mean go sit in a dark, crowded theatre with 100+ people and eat overpriced popcorn and other goodies, but instead make it a couch night. Get a movie you can both agree on and cuddle up on the couch together with a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn.

If you are anything like Mike and I, it is like pulling teeth to get us to agree on a movie. For Mike its action movies and for me it is those hopeless romantic love stories. So instead of having that battle on whose movie it gets to be, just take turns each movie night on who gets to choose the movie. You never know… maybe he will grow to love those hopeless romantic movies (and shed a couple tears).

4.      Fireworks
From May 18th to September 2nd in Niagara Falls, they have free fireworks displays at 10pm every Friday, Sunday and Holiday. Usually if you go on Sunday nights (not on a long weekend) it isn’t busy at all, almost like it’s a personal fireworks show just for the two of you. Stop at Tim Horton’s or Starbucks on the walk down to the Falls, bring a blanket, sit, relax and enjoy the show.

5.      Add some adventure – Rent scooters or go-karts
Adrenaline is a hormone that boosts your heart rate and well.. I will let you figure out the rest! When you have a free afternoon together find your local yellow pages and check out some rental places in the area. Pick something one or both of you are slightly uncomfortable with to try something new.

And with that.. I leave you with this:

    (Photo taken by Paul Charette, Charette Imagery -

Get creative and fill us in on some of your great date ideas.

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    I came across this today from Shape magazine.. 40 more great FREE date ideas.