Monday, January 7, 2013

My GREEN Bible

Every year I look forward to getting my new recycling guide. Yes, in my house that is normal! The recycling guide has tonnes of recycling tips including what you are allowed to put in the green bin, grey box, blue box, and what should be leftover for the garbage. The huge benefit of the recycling guide, is that it lists out the dates and locations for hazardous waste disposal sites throughout the year, Christmas tree pickup dates, information on large household item and appliance disposals, and much more.

Honestly, if you have any questions on what is recyclable in your area, this should be your resource. I always have it available sitting either on the fridge or on top of the fridge to use if I ever have any questions.
Here are some of the more interesting tips you may not have known:
For a full copy of the guide, click here and remember recycling restrictions are different in every area, make sure you are following the specific guidelines for your Region.

In our two-person household, we have no more than a plastic shopping bag worth of garbage for the whole house. I challenge you to reduce your waste. For every piece of garbage that goes to a landfill, the general stats are that 50% of that waste could be diverted through the use of an organic bin, 13% are recyclable materials that could have been put in your grey bin or blue bin and the other just 37% is garbage for the landfill.
I hate that excuse everyone uses – recycling takes so much time! It takes the same amount of time to throw a pop can into the garbage as it does to throw it into the blue bin. Maybe you don’t have an accessible system at home, but that is no excuse. A onetime reorganization effort can make your recycling efforts that much easier. Check out my earlier post, titled “It’s time for a change” that will provide some helpful items you can use to improve your recycling at home.   


  1. I think I recycled that guide yesterday; now I think am going to go grab it out! Looks useful.

    1. Good thing you didn't throw it in the garbage.. that would have been some bad karma!

  2. I was excited to get that in the mail too, lol. I just had a photocopy hung up in the garage until now.

    Also, your photos are stretched and warped in the top banner. We need to fix that.

    1. I know Paul! I am working on it.. I don't like any of it right now to be honest but Mike is busy getting ready for Vegas so I am playing around with the html codes on my own.. scary! haha