Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Lazy Sunday Cookbook

Today I am having a bit of a lazy Sunday after dancing the night away at a wedding last night… so what do I decide to do? A recipe binder, of course!

You know that clutter, from all of those magazines you read that have that one recipe that, “One day I am going to make this”. Then you keep a pile of magazines somewhere in your house and never look at them again. Or you do and it takes you hours to find that inspiration you once had.

Instead of all that, I decided to spend hours going through my magazine piles around the house and came up with the recipes I want to keep.

I took a trip to Staples to pick up some needed supplies:

I binder (I already had)
2 packs of Dividers with a pocket - $4.02 each

A few packs of sheet protectors to house the recipes - $1.50 each per 10 pack
Total cost - $14.17

The dividers with pockets worked well because if you have just a small recipe that doesn’t need a full page then you can just throw it in the pocket for that section and you are still organized.

There it is, the final product. And with only a few hours of work and a small price, you have your very own personalized cook book. If you try a recipe and it doesn’t quite work the way you liked, just get rid of it.
I put in these tabs, but you should put whatever would make it easiest for you to use, because remember it is all about you.  
Rise and Shine (Breakfast recipes)
Everything Pumpkin!
The App Store
Let’s Get Saucey
Good Eats – Main (Main dish dinner recipes)
Side Kicks
Sensational Salads
Labor-less Lunches
Potluck Pleasers
Sinful Sweets
At the front of the binder I also added some articles I found to help with some of the basics. For instance, I found one that explains how to properly read nutritional labels, BBQ basics, and the perfect pizza dough.

Good luck making your cookbooks, I look forward to some of your creative ideas.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Your missing the most important tab... Sweet Tooth!!