Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How green are you?

A study just came out that suggests North Americans suffer from ‘Green Guilt’.  Every year since 2008, North Americans have ranked last in sustainable behavior but they have the most faith in an individual’s ability to protect the environment.

The survey noted that these are the things we do that are not so green but we feel bad for doing:

Wasting Food
Leaving the lights on when leaving a room
Wasting water
Not unplugging chargers for electronics
Not recycling
Forgetting to bring reusable bags shopping
Not buying energy efficient light bulbs
Not being careful about how long or when they watered the lawn
Using chemical plant or lawn fertilizers

Which one are you?

I personally think the feeling of guilt is a good thing. The definition of guilt is the admission of a problem. At least in North America we are aware of a problem, so as I have mentioned before, now it’s time for a change.
BUT, before you can make a change you need to know where you stack up against the rest. I came across the ‘Greendex Calculator’. It is a short survey that calculates your ecological footprint which you can then see how you stack up to the averages in areas all around the world.

I was actually a little disappointed in my score. We came out with a 46, which puts us at the low end of the range across Canada. However, now I know where I am starting and have a goal to work towards. My biggest downfall is the SUV that I drive to and from work by myself as well as my lack of funds to supply my dream of solar panels on the roof.

You don’t know how to change your number? Re-read the questions they are asking and take pointers from there:
·         Are you buying locally wherever possible?
·         Have you stopped buying bottled water and opted for a reusable bottle instead?
·         Are you washing laundry in cold water?
·         Are you monitoring your furnace and air conditioning settings to save energy?
·         Are you recycling?

What are some of your ideas to reduce your ecological footprint?
Here is a little extra incentive… If you live in the Niagara Region, why not test your knowledge of recycling and compost and have the chance to win a Kobo reader at the same time. Goodluck!

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  1. I'm a 41, probably because I do not drive an SUV..... :P