Sunday, November 25, 2012

Carbon Farming

I was watching Dragon’s Den the other night and came across a great young couple that are doing their part to keep our environmental karma in check. Brad and Rebecca took over their family farm in Manning, Alberta to create forests that would never be cut down. Their goal – to sustain their family farm, create habitat and address climate change.

This goes back a little bit to my Wild Weather post, referring what impact we have on the environment in our daily activities. The average person has an ecological footprint of about 5 tonnes per year, in Brad and Rebecca’s farm, that’s 20 trees. The Carbon Farmer Inc. is a company Brad and Rebecca have created so that individuals, groups, companies and the like can pay to have trees planted and never cut down. You can start to restore habitat in Canada for just $1.99.
For less than your morning coffee, Brad and Rebecca will plant a tree and take care of it in your name.

With all of my research into the idea of Carbon Farming, I decided to take my environmental impact into my own hands. We just purchased 5 trees in Brad and Rebecca’s forest; 2 Lodgepole Pine trees and 3 Trembling Aspen trees.
Right after you purchase your trees, you are emailed your specific planting code that allows you to add an optional message that will be displayed when you explore the forest.
Check ours out - We are in the top left corner.
Have you been inspired to be more conscious of your environmental karma?

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