Monday, July 29, 2013

One Tough Mudder

When people ask "How was Tough Mudder?", I can honestly say, I am not even sure how to answer it. The easiest way to describe it is....

It was TOUGH and MUDDY

Although I am not sure TOUGH does it justice, INSANE might be a better word

From my last post, you can imagine how my day began. I was so nervous I could not contain myself, Mike and I were up at 6:50am and all we could think about was food. What did we eat the day of our big race? Honestly, there was no exact science to it. The hotel had a complimentary hot breakfast, so french toast and sausage it was! I know, I know.. there is so much research out there on what you need to eat the day of a big sporting event, but honestly it came down to what is going to keep me full for as long as possible and please no more bananas! I find bananas give me gas so I don't usually like to eat that before running 18 miles. 

4 hours later, we were finally on route to Andover, New York. When we got there, I couldn't jump out of the car faster and it was back in the bathroom. Next step was to walk a mile to the registration tables, I guess they wanted to get us loosened up before the big event. 

Once there, we were instructed to write our bib number on our foreheads and arms. It didn't take long to figure out why... it is an alternative way to I.D. your body! Okay I am kidding. Official photographers are all over the course and the photos get sorted by bib number. If they can't see your bib (perhaps when it is covered in mud) there is the chance one of your other numbers are visible. 

Once that was done, our team was all set to head to the start line. I mean start wall.... before you can even get to the start line, you need to get over a 6-7 foot wall. That was definitely our wake up call! Just when you finally calm yourself down enough to say, "I am ready for this," they throw a wall into the mix. 

It all began at 11:40 am... finishing a gruelling 4 hours later... here is a little taste of what we went through to get to the finish line.

And all that ended with this... the only thing that got us through those last 4 miles was picturing...

An ice cold beer and the one and only orange head band!

I am happy to say I am a tough mudder after completing each one of the obstacles.. including the absolutely terrifying Electric Eel and Electroshock Therapy! Some things you read out there say 'it isn't as bad as they make it sound.' I can now say from experience... they are absolutely wrong! It was everything they say and it is and more. I thought, oh the running won't be an issue at all, besides I have run a half marathon and that is 3KMs longer... what I didn't take into consideration was the terrain and elevations. 

That all being said, the team work involved to get to the end and just how much fun everyone is having (deep down inside under the tired muscles and growls of pain) is contagious. 

You drink that ice cold beer and all of a sudden.. it's over. Just like that! I built it up so much and when it was done it was like this amazing feeling. Today however, that amazing feeling becomes achy muscles and pain, EVERYWHERE! Getting out of bed this morning was an accomplishment in itself. It is almost time for me to sign off and get in a bath of Epsom salts in the hopes for a little relief. 

I don't want this blog to be discouraging, because honestly if I could turn back the time I would still do the race, no doubt about it. I might rethink the moments I decided "Ya, lets run through these live electric wires, no problem", but all in all it was a once in a lifetime experience with a fantastic group of people. This mudder has one more in her for next year to join a few other friends who have been inspired to start their training! 

If you want to know more, leave me a comment and I will be sure to share some more muddy stories! 

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