Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tis the Season!!

The shopping malls are filled with people trying to get the latest and greatest toys for their friends and family. Once purchased, those gifts are wrapped into beautiful packages and placed under the Christmas tree.
There is only one problem... most wrapping paper purchased in stores is not recyclable. So all of that beautiful wrapping paper ends up being thrown into a landfill and takes years to decompose.
This year, I set out on having one my greenest Christmases and at a lower cost than traditional wrapping to boot.
What you need:
·        Christmas Ornaments – 5 for $1.25 from the Dollarstore
·        Packing paper – 40’ roll for $3.99 from most business supply stores or I recently found 25’ rolls at the dollarstore for $1.25 each
·        Brown paper gift bags – 2 for $1.25 from the Dollarstore
·        Ribbon or twine – various prices (I have a bunch left over from last year)
·        Christmas themed stamp – I ordered a Christmas tree one online, I am just waiting for it to come in
·        Oh and don’t forget the hot chocolate and cookies!
Step 1 – Wrap the present with packing paper

Step 2 – Add ribbon to the package
Step 3 – Tie the Christmas Ornament to the ribbon to add a special touch and some sparkle
Step 4 – Stamp the paper with your Christmas stamp once or multiple times. I will be using the stamp as a gift tag to write who the present is to and from. Not to say that most of my family and friends will know a present wrapped in recyclable paper is from me!  


It’s as easy as that. Now you have beautiful Christmas presents under the tree for a fantastic green Christmas (but I am still wishing for snow). Plus by adding the tree ornaments to the wrapping, your friends and family are getting something special to add to their trees as well.  

Next, you have to break the habit of pulling out the garbage bag on Christmas morning and throwing everything in sight inside. When growing up, I can remember sitting in a sea of torn wrapping paper and the adults in the room coming with garbage bags to clean everything up in one swoop!
Break the cycle and pick up the recycling bins this year.
I hope that answers your question Paul! Happy Holidays everyone. Remember Christmas isn’t just about the stress of the shopping malls and spending money, but about taking the time to enjoy the company of your friends and family and to be thankful of the blessings you have in your life.

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  1. Those look really nice Dawn! I was bad and bought 'real' wrapping paper this year, but I'm going to switch to your option once that runs out. I personally like the look of the brown packaging paper anyway, seems kinda vintage-y.