Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tales of the Washi Tape Project

Hi Everyone,

Since the wedding I have not spent much time on Pinterest.  I have been afraid I would see something that 'I should have done' for the wedding. Today, I went back on and was inspired...

Before I get into it, here are some facts:

  • I am NOT crafty or creative
  • I have had a blank canvas in my house for more than a year
  • I have a long list of projects I would love to do but will likely never get around to

All in all, that meant today "I am going to do a project." Next came a Pinterest binge and before I knew it I was out buying WASHI TAPE (Side note - I used to read a blog where this woman did every project in her house with some form of washi tape and it drove me crazy). 

The outcome:

Yes... Washi Tape happened and I had fun. 

I am going to need your help though, if you see if a single other blog entry with washi tape projects... please make me stop! 

And as always, stay green,


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