Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year. New You.

A quick google search lends a common theme to this year’s popular resolutions:
1.       Prioritize fitness – Go to the gym more regularly, lose weight, etc.
2.       Eat healthy – This usually goes together with a fitness resolution.
3.       Stop drinking – I think this stems from the festivities of New Year’s Eve fighting back!
4.       Quit smoking – Most resolutions seem to be quitting cold turkey, others choose to use Nicorette type of products.
5.       Get out of debt – Some people strive to win the lottery, however the odds of this happening are very unlikely.
And many, many more!!
As for me, I have had some things happen in the last couple weeks that really just open up your eyes. I have chosen to not just have one thing I am vowing to do or not do but more just to focus more on taking care of myself and the relationships in my life, whether it be my fiancé, family or friends. I have always been one to be on the go all the time. I always have something to do whether it be work or personal commitments. A few months ago, I decided it was time to stop dedicating my life to work and take more time for me. With planning a wedding in 2013 this is even more important. I know I am a little behind on the planning already... as everyone around me keeps reminding me of.
Do you have a resolution this year? Have you had any past resolution successes or failures? Maybe my blog has inspired your resolution to take on a shade of green this year.
This is a snapshot from our new year's eve bash last night. Looking back we kind of look like the land of misfit toys, complete with the dog trying to bite Mike's hand. I hope you had a happy, healthy 2012 and are looking forward to a positive 2013.
 Best wishes, Dawn & Mike

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  1. Love it!!

    I'm on the popular bandwagon of vowing to be healthy. Which I vow every year and generally stick to. I am also going to continue to work on my negative attitude towards things and life in general.