Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bills, Bills, Bills!

Some of you may remember by blog post a couple months ago, Extreme Couponing.. It’s Not for Me, where I talked about my organizational technique for my coupon efforts. Well… it wasn’t working!
I went through my board today and half the coupons were expired and every time I go to the store I was kicking myself for forgetting that coupon I have at home. In addition to that, when mail came in the house, it was added to a pile on the corner of the counter until it was opened. Once opened, that pile became a larger pile of opened mail on the table until paid and filed.

Needless to say I knew it needed a change and today was that day.
I went over to Staples (which I must say is like my candy store), and was pleasantly surprised to find the Martha Stewart collection. It was the perfect solution to my problem without making my kitchen look like an office.
These are the supplies I used:
·        Martha Stewart Home office – Shagreen pocket white 8inch x 7 ¼ inch - $6.99 each
·        Martha Stewart Home office – Paper tags - $1.97
·        Martha Stewart Home office – accordion folder - $6.49
The end result was this:
Each file pocket has a specific purpose, one for unopened mail, the next for bills to be paid and the next for mail to be filed. Whenever I am ready to file/pay bills I can simply take the pocket off the tacks they are hanging on and bring them to the office.

At the very top, I have a small accordion folder we drilled a hole in to hang it on a nail. The folder will be used to house coupons and has the following headings: Food, Personal care, Crafts, Entertainment, Home, Pet, and Auto. My theory, and we will see if it works, is that whenever I am going out to do some shopping, I can just toss the folder in my purse and have everything available.
I will give you an update on how it works for us in a couple months.

Now it is off to put the Super Bowl XL VII on. Oh did I say watch the Super Bowl, I meant eat snacks and watch the half time show! I can't wait for the Destiny's Child comback.


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