Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weekend Adventures

With only one more work day to the weekend, I can’t help but think of all that free time! Well I am thinking of everyone else’s free time… it’s tax season for me! So I thought what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends or your significant other than reminiscing on your childhood and shopping for great deals.

Guess what it is yet?

The Flea Market!!!

I can remember every weekend going with my dad to the Flea Market with my allowance and searching through the vendor tables to find that one special item. My dad on the other hand  left with a Ren & Stimpy t-shirt EVERY time.

(How could he resist that)

So we laced up our shoes and went in for a few hours of adventure. While there, we found countless vendors housing toys, cassette tapes, rotary phones, tools, glass dishware, and so much more.

Here is a fun fact – Did you know that in 2011, the dictionary announced it would be removing the word ‘cassette tape’ from the condensed version of the dictionary.

We were in our glory in this vendors section. Countless toys from our childhood, even a grown man couldn’t resist (Mike)!

All that reminiscing aside, we took our $30 and found two liquor decanters and a set of green glass bowls. These aren’t just any glass bowls, these complete the set I received from my grandmother before she passed. Priceless. Our fun filled day became a day where I could remember the days spent with my grandmother and picture her right there next to me.
This weekend, I challenge you to try something new. Even go to flea market and see what treasurers you can find.


  1. We go at least once a month. The smell of that place is nostalgic for me. That's a little weird, I know.

  2. I crave the flea markets. Is this the one in St. Catharines? If not, let me know so I can go to that one too!
    Headed to an estate sale today after work. It looked like they had a lot of tools... :)

    1. Hey! It is the St. Catharines Flea Market. I went again this weekend and found some new cufflinks for Mike, a steal at just $3 :)

  3. Cufflinks! What a baller! :) We should do a group visit to the flea market.
    I found a cool vintage scale (like a hardware store type) at that estate sale. Missing some parts though, I need to make a bin and some weights.