Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today is the Day!

Hi Everyone,

Today is the day, it is finally time for Tough Mudder. I remember just 90 days ago thinking, “that’s  a great idea, let’s go run 18km while doing a dozen army style obstacles.” I am glad I got excited about it early because right now, I could easily talk myself out of it! BUT, we are here now so there is no turning back.

With my stomach being so nervous the last couple of days, I did a little research. Folks, let’s put those rumours to rest… nervous pooping is really a thing! Well the more scientific term is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but nervous pooping sounds so much better. It happens all the time, when your nerves and stress levels are ramped up in preparation for a big race, an exam, an important meeting at work, and everything in between.

Can you guess, I am definitely experiencing all of the symptoms of ‘nervous pooping.’ Next time you are experiencing symptoms, here are some tips on how to calm your bowels:

·         Take some slow deep breaths
·         Listen to soothing music and stretch
·         Avoid foods that contain high amounts of natural sugars that usually promote bowel movement
·         And most importantly, stay distracted.

Writing my blog was my way to stay distracted, turns out all I had on my mind was nervous pooping!! Wish us luck, I will be back with some photos tomorrow.

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