Thursday, February 6, 2014

Challenge: Water Bottles

How many times when you are at someone's house do you ask for a glass of water and they hand you a water bottle? Why? Convenience.

What is so hard about pulling a jug of water out of the fridge and pouring a glass of water?

I know New Year's resolutions are behind us, but why not take the time to succeed a different mini challenges throughout the year (this way we aren't disappointed when we don't achieve our Resolution!).

I challenge you to not use a single water bottle in the next week.  

In our household, we do not buy water bottles; we use a Brita and tap water. If a guest needs to take a bottle with them we use one of those plastic promo bottles I get at every race I run. Most of the time I get it back but I don't expect to get it back nor do I need 30+ plastic water bottles with different company logos on them.

Good luck with the challenge. Let me know what you thought of it. Was it easy or difficult to achieve?

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