Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Food Prep

On a snowy winter weekend, I tried to find everything possible to stay indoors. We settled for catching up on the DVR, starting some DIY projects with the materials we have on hand, and jumping into the kitchen.

I follow a tonne of blogs and most of them include some Sunday food preparation techniques. Over the last few weekends, Mike and I have been working on a routine for our food preparation.

Today I think we finally got the right routine down pat. We started with our meal plan for the week:

The meal plan led to our grocery list and off we went with Starbucks in hand.

Once we got home, we started on bread for our sandwiches for the week. A bread maker makes the job really easy. It starts with water and yeast to do a little work, add the rest of the ingredients and 3 hours later you have bread.

 After we got the bread maker running, I put some eggs in a pot to be hard boiled, started another pot for oatmeal, cut up vegetables and cheese.

 The end result is a fridge full of prepared foods, all ready to eat.

It makes for a great week of healthy food to eat without having to spend a lot of preparation time during the week. It doesn't even eat up your whole day. We started creating out menu and grocery list at 2 pm and by 5:30 pm all the of the preparation including dinner for the evening was ready.

Do you have any food preparation tips?

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  1. My favorite part of this post was the "Starbucks in hand". You junkie you.... ;)