Sunday, May 26, 2013

Protein... The Right Way

What looks more natural:

Hemp Hearts

Protein Powder

Mike and I started back on our breakfast smoothies after a winter hiatus and I found I was drinking a large smoothie in the morning and it just wasn't lasting. An hour after drinking it, I found myself wanting more. So I did a little research and it turns out there just wasn't enough protein in my breakfast routine. But, every solution I found told me to add a protein powder (see picture above). 

I just couldn't do it. I went to product shelf and read 5 different ingredient lists; I couldn't pronounce 50% of the items on each list. So I have now set out to find a more natural solution. 

First thing, we decided to find what we could add that was as close to our comfort level as possible. If you don't know Mike, he is a little picky.. but trying very hard!! My first thought was to add nuts, but I wanted to make sure they weren't going to be completely impossible to drink in a smoothie. Hemp hearts became a perfect solution. If you haven't tried them, they are a soft texture and pack a protein punch. 

4 tablespoons packs 15 grams of protein
Required daily intake of protein is generally 50 grams (however it depends on your age)

But, it doesn't end there. There are many other ways to add that protein punch to your morning smoothie including - yogurt, milk, almonds, etc. At the end of the day, I just want to make sure I recognize the foods that I am eating and not automatically turn to protein powder because it is easier. 

Is there any special formula you have to make sure you are getting enough of protein daily?

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