Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner for One

Last night, I got home from a long day at work and remembered Mike was working so he wouldn't be around for dinner. I must say, getting motivated to cook for one is not easy!

So I opened the fridge, freezer and pantry.. I was about to say that dreaded phrase "We have nothing to eat." And then I saw a glimpse of the fish in the freezer. I then remembered we had some ingredients left from Taco night on Sunday. Fish tacos it is.

I have some normal go-to ingredients when Mike is working - fish and/or mushrooms. Mike doesn't like them so I sneak then in when he isn't home (sometimes I sneak mushrooms into meals, but Shh... don't tell Mike!).

Tuesday Fish Tacos

Refried beans
Greek yogurt (as a replacement for sour cream)
Red onion, chopped
Lettuce, I used romaine
Avocado, sliced
Fish, chopped (whatever is in the freezer, I used an herb crusted tilapia)

And as easy as it is to chop up all the ingredients, add it to your small whole wheat tortilla shells and enjoy. I put refried beans on because I wanted a little extra protein but I probably wouldn't put them on next time around, it was just a texture thing that didn't work with all the other fresh ingredients.

Let me know what you think.

Side thought - Do you ever feel like the pictures you take are just horrible and someone (namely Mike) with the same camera in their hand can do a much better job. Sorry for the pictures... I need to work on that! My accountant brain is fighting the creativity side sometimes I think.

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