Thursday, May 9, 2013

Training Week 1

Are you a tough mudder? Well by the end of the day on July 28th, 2013, Mike and I can only hope we will be crowned with the famous orange headband.

We are now officially 78 days away from the big day. The course is complete with 20-25 obstacles and a  10-12 mile course. 

Some people say we are out of our minds, but I say it's a great challenge! It's like fast forwarding through your bucket list in 3-4 hours on a Saturday afternoon with all of your friends around. 

All that being said, it is training time now. We are almost through week one... 
  • Day 1 - Trail running and stairs
  • Day 2 - Rest
  • Day 3 - Circuit training 1 through 3
  • Day 4 - Circuit training 1 through 3
  • Day 5 - Running
  • Day 6 - Will be Circuit training 1 through 3
  • Day 7 - Will be Circuit training 1 through 3
  • Day 8 - Will be Rest
Yes my calves are sore and my arms feel like jello every morning, but it will be worth it in the end... right?!

Have you ever done a tough mudder event, any tips to share? What's on your bucket list that you can knock off this year?


  1. My only tip would be to perhaps cut in one more day of rest. I would hate to see one of you get injured before the event. That's a lot of training to put on your body, and cutting out one day would probably be more beneficial to your muscles :)

    1. Thanks for the tip Krysta.. this was my attempt at getting Mike used to the pain upfront so that going forward would be easier :)

      Hey.. you could always join our Tough Mudder team!!

    2. Ya krysta you should TOTALLY do TM with us!!!

  2. Yay dawn!!! so excited to do this with you and (hopefully) survive!!!! Knocking lots off my bucket list this year.... grand canyon, tough mudder, skydiving, half marathon!!!!! ahhhhh

    1. I hope you are enjoying Vegas.. or are you back now? Oh wait.. I guess I can knock off getting married off my bucket list too. Mike is concerned we are going to be at the alter all bruised and broken on our wedding day haha