Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

Hi Everyone! I am writing from Long Boat Key, Florida today. I am on vacation for the next 10 days with some ladies for some much needed rest and relaxation.. I know it’s back to reality all too soon so I will be enjoying everything Florida has to offer while I am here.

So far the travel has been good. We had a 40 minute layover in New York City so Becky and I went on a little walk through the JetBlue terminal. What did we find? A 7-foot NBA player.. at least we know he was famous because there was people taking pictures of him. If you were in the airport around 7AM this morning and you saw a 7-foot guy in red basketball shorts, a white t-shirt and basketball shoes.. maybe you can let us know who it was!

Oh, and I also managed to find an office supply store. I know.. sometimes I think Staples is my candy store. It was a cute little store called ‘Muji to Go.’ They had a lot of travel accessories but the other side of the store was full of pens, brief cases, report covers, note pads and so much more. Yes, that was the highlight of our short visit to the JFK airport.

That all being said, I figured while I am in Florida, it would be a good time to start another ‘shade of green’ on the blog which I am hoping will be a monthly feature. Sorry gentleman.. it is all about fashion!

I read a lot of magazines and browse pinterest quite often, only to feel like my closet is inadequate. Keeping up on all of these fashion trends is not budget friendly. So I have set out to try and make my closet the closet of my dreams with minimal purchases. It’s all about looking at what is in your closet in a different way and buying the right multi-use items.

I am a little tired from our 5am airport adventures this morning so look for tomorrow’s finance friendly fashion ideas. 

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  1. Hey Dawn!!

    I realized I never had a chance to say Bon Voyage! I'm glad to hear your vacation is off to a good start; 7 foot men and a office supply store? I know you are in paradise. :)

    I hope the weather is good and that you are enjoying some sun right now.

    Can't wait to hear about your trip.